Wrinkle Reduction Treatments (Botox ®)


Wrinkle reduction treatments (Botox ®) are available at the Natural Radiance Clinic. The suitability of wrinkle reduction treatments for each individual will be determined at a free no obligation consultation.

In some cases it may be decided that this is not a suitable form of treatment and we will discuss possible alternatives. We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions and possible uses below.

It is very important that your practitioner knows the facial muscle structure when administering the injections






Questions & Answers


How does wrinkle reduction treatments work?

The wrinkle reduction treatment that we use is a naturally occurring protein that causes the small tightened muscles of the upper part of the face to relax.  The effects can last from four to six months after treatment.

How will I feel during treatment?

Your Practitioner will ask you to frown and relax, and then you will feel a very slight prick as the fine needle is applied to the areas you want to target. No anaesthetic is used as the procedure is simple and virtually painless.

Is it the right treatment for me?

This will be determined at your free consultation.

What happens after treatment?

You can carry on with your day as normal immediately after leaving the clinic, although it’s important to avoid anything strenuous for 24 hours such as going to the gym. Side effects are rare, but occasionally some clients experience bruising but this usually fades quickly.

Aftercare information sheet will be given and advice


Botox Prices


Wrinkle reduction treatment

8 areas £315

5 areas £259

3 areas £210

2 areas £185

1 area £135



This treatment can include any of the following areas further information about this treatment will be given at the time of consultation.

Forehead lines

Frown Lines

Crowsfeet/eye creases

Eyebrow Lift, we do 2 types

Nasalis lines/ Bunny lines

Peri oral lines / smokers lines

chin crease line

Corner mouth lift 




Try a Sprinkle of Botox

Trying Botox for the first time can be a little bit daunting for some people

So why not try a Botox sprinkle, this means that you have a smaller amount put in to each area

This gives you a fresher more natural look and you still have some movement to your facial features




We do 3 sprinkle treatments as follows :-

1. The Botox sprinkle which is 20 units this can be used over 2/3 areas £135

2. The Botox sprinkle which is 38 units this can be used over 3/4 areas £185

3. The Botox sprinkle which is 50 units this can be used over 4/5 areas £210


Mini Lower Face Lift ( Nefertiti)


Nefertiti mini face lift chin and neck areas , this procedure pulls back the neck and jaw line defining the shape again.

Called Nefertiti from the famous Queen Nefertiti in Egypt thought to have the most long

beautiful neck line ever seen.

The treatment consists of Botox injections along the jawline and down the platysma bands in the neck , resulting in a gentle pull up and back of the whole area.

Price £235







Platysma bands only with Botox


This treatment consists of Botox injections in neck (Platysma ) bands only to smooth areas.

This treatment is ideal if your neck bands are more prominent more visible than you would like.

Price £195





Botox Lip Flip


The Botox lip flip is very popular.

Not everyone can have or wants filler.

This Botox treatment around the lip area gently turns the lip outward as it relaxes

the muscle giving a lip enhancement look and effect ( without filler)

Price £115



The Trio Effect

Chin, corner mouth lift, and peri oral lines

Lower face lift and smooth with Botox injections

This cleverly placed Botox will stop the orange peel effect on the chin, dropping it to smooth chin area and making the jaw line look more sculptured.

It is also given in to the muscles near the corners of the mouth, which in turn relaxes the muscles and lifts the corners of the mouth back up.

Last but not least, Botox is injected in to the peri oral areas (or smokers lines) which help to smooth the area and stop further deepening lines from forming.


Price £135







Excessive sweating problems


Relaxation Botox treatments also cure Hyperhidrosis Excessive Sweating Problems

This relaxation drug is also used for medical reasons to stop excessive sweating which is very common.

1 in 10 people suffer with hyperhidrosis due to over activity in the sympathetic nervous system.

This can affect underarms, bottoms of feet, sweating palms, top lip and forehead.

The effects from Botox can last from 6 months to over a year depending on the person, their life style and medication.


Underarm treatments


Stops you sweating up to 90% and above

Women £399 full treatment

Men £499 full treatment



Easy and quick



Takes two weeks to fully work but you will be sweating less after a few days from treatment.



Palmer Hyperhidrosis treatment for sweating palms.


Price £399 for complete treatment



Takes two weeks to fully work but you will be sweating less after a few days from treatment



Planter Hyperhidrosis stops sweating feet 


Complete treatment £499



Takes two weeks to fully work but you will be sweating less after a few days from treatment



Botox to stop top lip sweating


This is a common problem for both sexes 

Easily remedied with muscle relaxant 

Consists of Botox injections over the perioral areas of top lip


Price £65